It is no longer news that the world is currently on lockdown due to coronavirus. There has been much news about what’s happening and, for some reason, it seems that the more we hear about the Pandemic the more we become afraid and anxious.


coronavirus: how to handle anxiety

Anxiety, fear, and frustration about a sickness can be overwhelming which can lead to strong emotions in both adults and children.

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In this post, I’ll share with you some useful information about coronavirus to help you understand the facts and to also help reduce the fears, and anxiety. When you overcome the anxiety caused by this disease, you can help others stay in perspective and you can also help your community to stay stronger.

What is coronavirus?


Signs that You’re Anxious About the Coronavirus

You should take time to become aware of how you feel and the thoughts that are going through your mind. You must try to understand the facts about the disease before putting yourself in an anxious mode.

The following signs can help you to become more aware if you’ve become anxious or not.

  • You’ve become too concerned about your health, that you feel unsafe.
  • You’ve become so obsessed about your loved ones and you fear they might get infected.
  • There have been changes in your sleeping pattern.
  • It’s now difficult to concentrate due to the fear of coronavirus infection.
  • You’ve increased your consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.
  • You talk more about coronavirus than any other thing.

How to deal with Stress due to the Fear of Coronavirus.

“About 80% of people recover from coronavirus without the need for special care” ~ WHO

·         Take a break away from Media

People are becoming more obsessed with the coronavirus that it is causing more anxiety than the virus itself. Hearing about the epidemic repeatedly can be upsetting. It can cause a lot of anxiety, fear, and even frustrations.

You should take a break away from the media. Reduce how you watch and read the news especially if you start feeling anxious, or stressed out. Reduce your presence on social media because it’s all littered with news about coronavirus, and deaths. Be mindful of where you get your source about the disease, there are so many fake news going around the media. This news and information are contributing more stress to people.

Spend more time with your loved ones and try to connect with them.

·         Focus on things you can control

It can be tempting to be consumed about the statistics and facts about the coronavirus pandemic. The best way to stay stress-free in this trying time is to focus mainly on things that are under your control.

To help reduce your stress level, you must familiarize yourself with the basic preventive measures. Understand the measures but don’t get obsessed about them. Understand that this pandemic is only temporal, it won’t last long.

How to prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19)

coronavirus: how to prevent coronavirus

·         Connect with other People

Practice social distance but try to stay connected.

Humans by nature are social animals, we are hardwired for connection, and we crave it. Staying isolated can be challenging, it can also increase our level of anxiety, and also chances of being depressed. This is why it’s advisable to stay connected with loved ones, and people you care about in your community.

Call up loved ones or chat them up using any of the social media platforms. Video calls are a great way to stay connected.

If necessary, you can organize online meetings, talk, chat, and laugh.

Avoid being alone for so long.

Note:  Avoid engaging in a discussion that is mostly related to the coronavirus pandemic. Avoid posts, news or stories that center too much about coronavirus. Knowing the basic facts alone is enough to keep you safe.

·         Take care of your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Aside from mental rumination about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, it can also be tempting to fall back on bad habits. Since you’ll be staying indoors most of the time, you should be kind to yourself, understand that everyone else is going through the same problem all over the world. Don’t beat yourself up.

Here are things you can do to help keep your mind, body, and spirit intact:

  1. Take out time to read the books you’ve been putting away.
  2. Study and develop that business plan of yours.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Watch movies that’ll motivate you.
  5. Avoid stress eating.
  6. Substitute any stressful situation or thoughts by simply exercising.
  7. Avoid self-medication; there have been lots of suggestions all over the media about drugs that can fight coronavirus. These messages can lead to drug overdose or different substance abuse.
  8. If possible, try to walk in nature.

Simply unwind.

·         Help Others

The best way to help others in this crisis moment is to stay strong yourself, avoid all activities that can cause you stress. When you’re mentally sound, you can also help others do the same by providing them encouraging words. Avoid exaggerating the whole situation.

Avoid spreading false news or anything that can’t be verified.

Final Thoughts

Coronavirus has done a lot of damages and it’s of no use to increase the level of damages. We must understand that this epidemic is only temporal, and soon it would become a thing of the past. Try and relax, and you should avoid dwelling too much on the topic.