Make Mistakes, it’s the only way for improvement in life, and in business.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we could just do what we love in life, explore the world around us and get the taste of things that matters, learn, grow, and evolve without being judged?

Have you ever wondered why we are so much in pressures every time in life?

These questions and so many are things I sometimes think to myself and wonder why can’t we just live for God’s sake. Why can’t we explore this life, and not have to worry about being wrong, blamed, ashamed or pressured into a life we hate.

When you look around, you’d discover that everyone or at least most people, walk with so many insecurities masqueraded under the pretense of being strong, courageous, and fearless. This is because the world we live in places more value on final success especially social media success and glam. We criticize and judge people when they make little mistakes and are quick to condemn others if they don’t do or live according to our standards.

So many relationships suffer because one or both partners aren’t truthful about their feeling due to the fear of being judged. People work at a job they hate because they just want to fit into the status quo, a lot of others fear taking a risk in life because the pain of failing or making mistake is greater than the reward. Yet when we see people accomplishing in areas, we know we can do better, we develop hatred, followed by resentment, then anger, and finally depression. The main reason why a lot of people are sad, bitter, resentful, and depressed can be largely attributed to the fact that most aren’t living the life they deserve or love. They are caught up in situations or the life they don’t understand. They fear to make mistakes because it would validate them as being dumb, worthless, or worse.

The simple truth about life is that no great success comes without risk, no great achievement comes with trial and error, or mistakes. Mistakes are a necessary part of life that teaches us humility, increase our knowledge and also build confidence.

You will never know what you don’t know if you never try anything in life. Stop living as you have forever to stay on this earth.

What Happens When You Don’t Make Mistakes?

When you don’t give yourself permission to try out things in life, you’ll always live your life wondering if there’s a better choice. The thought of that alone will keep you sad, confused, and depressed.

1.    Low Productivity.

A lot of people and organizations desire growth, they labor and sweat for it, yet they dread the thought of making mistakes or taking chances. I was once consulted by a start-up company, they wanted to increase their productivity and sales. After my initial encounter with the organization, I noticed a stiff work environment and many of the staff were afraid of making mistakes, they feared losing money for the company, and most of them kept their ideas to themselves. My observations were validated after a couple of interactions with the staff. I advised the management that they can’t grow if there’s no room for mistakes, that creativity will be stiffened, and the low productivity will persist.

After implementing some of the recommendations I gave, the company increased its productivity and sales. All thanks to the fact that they set aside their fear of mistakes and desire to be perfect. The same thing goes with our individual lives. When you dread making mistakes, you’ll never try, and when you don’t try, you’ll never progress.

2.    You live life timidly

It is said that the graveyard holds the best ideas, songs, and inventions all because most dead people never took the time to utilize their God-given talents and ideas. Isn’t it the same with those living?

It’s the same truth with those of us living. A lot of us have talents, ideas, education, and experiences to achieve whatever we set our minds to. But the problem is that most people never get to start, they never get to test their abilities because of fear of failing and of criticisms.

We don’t need a rocket scientist to tell us this truth, take a look at your own life. Are you living the life you desire or want? Are you making the necessary progress in life? Do you make up excuses because you’re scared of making mistakes?

If you’re not happy with your condition, then it’s time to let your break loose. Stop living with your breaks on. You’ll go nowhere. Give yourself permission to take on opportunities, to explore, and to truly live.

Whenever the fear of making mistake creep into your mind, as yourself what’s the worst that can happen?

3.    There will be no Room for Growth

The need for perfection is the main reason why most people never get to try anything worthwhile in life. My early days as a speaker thought me this lesson. I remember a time I was performing as an MC; I was so conscious of not making mistakes that it led me to question and analyze every word that came out of my mouth. The end result was that I performed very badly.

After the event, an experienced speaker walked up to me and told me his observations. That I have to let myself make the mistakes, that that’s the only way I can learn and grow. That in reality, no one actually cares about my mistakes.

It’s the same as life in general, no one cares about your mistakes. Everyone is busy trying to figure life out, and everyone has their challenges and worries.

Why You Should not be Afraid to Make Mistakes

1.    It Improves your Knowledge

It is said that when Thomas Edison was pressed for an answer as to why he failed 1000 times, he simply replied that he hasn’t failed at all, that he only found 1000 ways to do things better.

No matter how we try to avoid mistakes in life, we’re still definitely going to make them. The best thing you can do is learn from them. Every mistake in life has a lesson to teach, your ability to observe these lessons is what will guarantee your success in life. Be willing to accept your mistakes and be open to learning from them.

2.    Mistakes can help you Get New Ideas

A lot of scientific breakthroughs has been as a result of mistakes. There’s always another side to mistakes that we don’t see. When you make a mistake and observe them critically, you’ll observe opportunities and areas for improvement. This act is what breeds innovation and growth in life and in business.

3.    Mistakes Build our confidence

When you see mistakes as a learning platform, your level of confidence increases. People who make mistakes are people who are daring through life, they are testing their limitations and breaking boundaries. This act enables them to gain the necessary confidence in life.

They have the mindset of “What’s the worst that can happen?”. It helps them to acknowledge their mistakes and learn how not to make the same. This way, their level of confidence increases.

4.    Mistakes make you Wiser

The older you grow the wiser you become. This is because you learn from past mistakes and errors. Mistakes help you to see the different sides to life, and it also makes you appreciate life the way it is. Life teaches us lessons, and you learn to be diligent. Make the mistakes now.

5.    Mistakes Teach us to be Resilient

The reason why most people won’t enjoy the benefits of success is that they stay and live in their comfort zone, they fear to fail or make mistakes. When you don’t dare, or make mistakes, you’ll never know what life has in store for you. You’ll always live life guessing and wishing things were better.

Mistakes teach us resilience; it helps us gain clarity of what’s important and keeps us more focused.

6.    Mistakes create room for creativity

“The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.” ~ William Connor Magee.

The only way to stiffen growth, productivity, innovation, and creativity is to be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes, when taken into perspective, are not necessarily mistakes, they are lessons, and these mistakes are what trigger us to do better, and to become better.

Sum up

Although mistakes can be painful, it is what makes us brave, creative, and innovative in life. When we fear to make mistakes, we inhibit our personal growth and development in life. I’m not talking about being reckless in life, I’m talking about giving yourself permission to explore. To explore your life and the opportunities around you.

The only true mistake in life is the one we learn nothing from.

Stop living as if you have forever to stay on earth.