“One of the most important things I have learned is that businesses don’t fail, entrepreneurs give up. Now sometimes, giving up is the right decision. But usually, you just need to dig in and figure out how to make things better. Remember: Every day is a new opportunity to get up and do it better than yesterday!” – Adda Birnir

Overcome loneliness as a solopreneur

Being an entrepreneur is daunting. It comes with a lot of challenges, loneliness, frustrations, and disappointments. Unlike what social media portrays entrepreneurship, being an entrepreneur can be a lonely path especially if you’re a solopreneur.

The loneliness can be attributed to the fact that most people prefer the easy way and often avoid the path of being an entrepreneur.

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Although we can agree that being an entrepreneur is daunting, being alone for a long time has some negative health effects based on research. Loneliness and social isolation can result in high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, anxiety, cognitive decline, and depression.

To help you overcome loneliness as an entrepreneur, below are some measures that would help you to overcome loneliness, overthinking, develop your creativity, and help you to be innovative.

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Ways to Overcome Loneliness as a Solopreneur

·         Join Community or Forums

Professional communities and forums offer so many benefits for general entrepreneurship as well as niche-focused business groups. It provides an opportunity for you to interact with other solopreneurs, giving you the ability to discuss areas you’d like to improve in your business.

·         Attend Conferences and Meetups

Conferences and forums are also great for networking and meeting professionals within and outside your line of business. It doesn’t only help you to avoid loneliness as an entrepreneur, it provides you with the opportunity to discover what’s trending within your industry and also ways you could improve on your business process.

·         Try Working Away from Home

One of the reasons why we become lonely as solopreneurs is due to a lack of spontaneity. Working from a particular place for a long time can make work lonely and even boring. To help you get out of mental self-torments, boredom, and loneliness as a solopreneur, you need to try altering how you work and where you work. If you’re an online entrepreneur, you can try working from a café, or public library. There are so many other places you can work from, just try and figure out what works best for you.

·         Get a Coach or Mentor

A coach or mentor can be your guide towards achieving your goals and ambitions faster. They can help you to keep your mind stimulated at all times and avoid getting bored by the day to day activities. A coach or mentor understands what it feels like to be an entrepreneur, they have the experience, and have also interacted with so many other people in your kind of situation.

Get in touch with a coach or look for a mentor. They should be someone you trust and respect.

Final Thoughts

Being an entrepreneur can be a huge challenge and it can also be a lonely ride. There would be so many moments when you’d feel like quitting just because the desired results aren’t forthcoming. It is a natural part of being an entrepreneur especially a solopreneur.

It is always advisable to try and engage in lots of conversations with other people around, look for like minds who share the same passion as you do. And try not to stay in one place for so long. Alter your work schedules and try working from a different place.

The best advice is for you to look for hobbies you like.