Reasons why we fail.

I started off as an entrepreneur in 2014 after graduating from university. I opened a phone shop. It was my first business and I had no prior knowledge of how to run a successful business.

It was quite exciting at that time that my plan of owning a business was actualized and I was to be my own boss. While the expectations and excitement were great, it didn’t last long. I became angry and frustrated a few months into the business due to low sales and turnover. My dream of being a businessman became my nightmare and a source of a constant worry.  I remember praying and fasting for days without any meaningful results to show.

After a while, I decided to pack up the business and go back to school.

Looking back at those days, I’ve come to realize a lot of mistakes I made and I also see a lot of entrepreneurs make the same mistakes.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 10 reasons why we fail in life. These reasons don’t only pertain to business, it also covers life in general.

Reasons why we Fail in Life

1.    Lack of persistence

Due to the way the society has made a lot of us to believe and see success, most people think that success or anything worthwhile shouldn’t be hard at all to get. That in fact, it shouldn’t take long to get. We’ve all been trained with the microwave mentality that life is supposed to be a 1-minute thing.  In Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he cited a lack of persistence as one of the major reasons why we fail in life. Yes, things will go wrong, they’ll get tough, and frustrating but your ability to persevere during the hard times is what would guarantee you success.

If you desire anything worthwhile, you have to be patient, and persistent in action.

2.    Lack of Focus

Focus refers to dedication and commitment. Many people desire success in life yet they’re easily swayed by the opinions and suggestions of people around them. The reason why most people will find it hard to achieve their heart desire is that they lack focus. They don’t really know what they want, they permit the newspaper, neighbors, and social media to dictate their outcome in life.

One of the lessons I’ve learned in life and in business is that focus is everything. It is what gives an individual the necessary guidance and direction in life. A good way to develop your focus is to practice the act of setting goals. Goal setting is a skill that enables us to be focused on our desires to the exclusion of everything else around.

3.    Lack of Discipline

Discipline is everything when it comes to achieving anything worthwhile in life. lack of discipline is why a lot of people suffer failure in marriages, relationships, and also in business. Lack of discipline is also the major reason why most of us develop and maintain bad and unhealthy habits.

No one can achieve anything great in life without discipline. Discipline is all about self-control, sacrificing, and avoiding temptations and distractions around. Discipline is an act of remaining centered and focused on one’s promise or task to the exclusion of everything else.

4.    Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is one of the most popular reasons why we fail in life. People with low self-esteem don’t place the necessary value on themselves, they undervalue themselves and engage in negative self and debilitating talks. Low self-esteem is the major reason why so many people live their lives solely for pleasing others, they put others before themselves because they fear rejection, criticism, failure, and mistakes.

Every successful person on earth displays confidence even when they’re in doubt. Successful people understand their values and place a high priority on themselves. And they never allow the opinions of other people to dictate their pace in life.

5.    Bad Habit

Habit is everything when it comes to success in life. it is what ensures that we live a happy life that is devoid of conflict – conflict of the mind and behavior.

There are so many case studies around us of people who have gone down the path of no return due to the habits they developed. A bad habit is anything or actions that impede on our wellbeing and happiness as individuals.

6.    Not Learning from Past Mistakes

Every successful person living and dead understands the value of mistakes and failure, they know that it is a necessary part of success when studied and understood. It is rather unfortunate that most people never get to learn from their past mistakes or failures. They go on repeating the same thing all over again hoping to get a different outcome in life.

There’s a popular saying that goes “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

If you wish to succeed in life, you must learn from your mistakes and failure. Learn and then move on to improve yourself with what you’ve learned.

7.    Poor Mentality

Mentality refers to how we perceive things in our lives and how we think. A lot of people have a poor mentality and mindset towards life. they’ve completely given up on life or have relegated their fate to either luck or on other people. Our habits, wit, and attitude all stem from our mindset.

There’s a popular saying that you’re the way you see yourself and Dr. Myles Monroe noted that it’s the mentality that makes an elephant act like a sheep in front of a lion.

A lot of people are poor and have bad habits because of a poor mindset about themselves and their abilities.

8.      Lack of Goal/Plan

Lack of goal-setting is the major reason why we fail in life. A survey shows that 83% of people on earth don’t set or have goals. No wonder there are widespread poverty, failures, and problems in society.

If you’d want to succeed in life or whatever your heart desire, you must develop the habit of setting goals and sticking to it. Just as a map guides and direct a driver or a person, a goal is what will guide you towards achieving whatever you put your mind to.

9.    Quitting Early

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ~Winston S. Churchill

Most failures in life can be attributed to the fact that a lot of people give up too early. Most of us fail to realize that challenges are a necessary part of life and that everyone must encounter one form of challenge or another. And our ability to keep pushing through even in the face of failure and hardship is what determines success in life.

10.    Living in Excuse

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Most people can give you millions of reasons why they aren’t taking action in life. They blame others for their actions and also their outcome in life.

If you want to be truly successful, you must do away with excuses and take full responsibility for your life and actions. Responsibility is a sign of maturity.

Final Thoughts

Everything we’ve looked at in this article is within our control yet it’s funny how we miss it or fail to comply with these simple principles or guidelines. To help you on your journey to self-actualization and development, it is advisable that you take the time to study everything I’ve listed out on this post and understand where your challenge lies.

Do you have any suggestions or would like to add to the following list?

Kindly leave a comment below, we’ll be happy to learn from you also.